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Purslane is a relatively common plant, but unusually high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is also the richest source of Omega 3s of any green, leafy vegetable.

Purslane Extract Slowed Telomere Shortening in Mice by 24-57%

In this study, the en vivo administration of Purslane resulted in a 24%-57% slowdown in the life-long telomere shortening of mice after only two weeks of treatment.

Shortening rate reduction


In the study, a group of three month old mice received Purslane subcutaneously (by shot) for only two weeks. The Purslane group (with 2.5 mg/kg-day) had increased telomerase activity and the telomeres of the brain cells of the mice after that period were 27kb as opposed to 23kb in the control group1. The authors did not mention the starting length of the telomeres unfortunately. If we assume a window of 30kb-40kb for this, the typical starting lengths of lab mice, we get a 24%-57% reduction in telomere shortening 2.

In Vivo

It is worth noting that this was an in vivo study. That is, real live mice were given Purslane extract, and then their tissues were tested for telomere length afterwards. This is always more exciting than an in vitro study would be where only cells in a petri dish are tested.

Telomerase Activation

The authors found that Purslane upregulated telomerase by the amount shown in the graph below3.

Telomerase Activator

Telomerase Activity

Telomerase Activity
  • 1 - Control
  • 2 - Treated with Purslane Extract
  • Dosage

    The optimal mouse group in the study was the one that was given 2.5mg of Purlsane herb powder per day4. For a person of 150 pounds or 70 kilos, that would translate to about 200mg per day. This is a very rough baseline, but the metabolism of mice is very different than our own and also the mice in the study were given shots of the Purslane, rather than taking it orally. Depending on the bioavailability of whatever unknown compounds in Purslane that are working the magic, the equivalent oral dose could be substantially higher.


    Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

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    Package Quantity: 60 capsules
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    Purslane Supplement Facts

     Supplement Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
     Purslane Fruit Extract 10:1 (Portulaca Oleracea) 250mg †
     † Daily Value not established  


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    • 2.
      27kb - 23kb = 4kb less shortening with Purslane Extract.
      Starting at 40kb to 23Kb = 4kb/17kb = 24% less shortening.
      Starting at 30kb to 23kb = 4kb/7kb = 57% less shortening.
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