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Life. It’s a beautiful thing. At Terraternal we want you to have more of it.

Not just 10 or 15 more years of it - more like hundreds of millions and then some. Yes, we are dedicated to making you immortal. We believe the end of human aging as we know it will come in the next 50 years and that precisely controlled periodic telomere extension in adult stem cells and dividing somatic cells in our body will be the key to its arrival. And within a few hundred years of that point, the 'singularity' should be well under way and providing techniques to recreate and back up your consciousness so that accident or disease do not threaten your prospects of continued life far into the future. We think some people alive today will make it past this point and some will not, and we are dedicated to providing the best information and products available today to help you be among those to reach the other side.

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